Rosemary Armstrong

Founder Of Evolve Coaching And Lifestyle 

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Rosemary started her personal development journey as a People Manager. That journey completed changed track in 2014 when she was made redundant and made her most important decision to date, to start her own Coaching practice. Using her tacit knowledge, experience and expertise, this offered an opportunity to working directly with individuals and teams to inspire them to develop, grow and reach their goals.

Why Choose Evolve Coaching And Lifestyle?

Evolve Coaching and Lifestyle’s vision is to increase people’s conscious levels so that they become more aware of the world around them with the aim of being able to live an abundant life by making the most of their infinite and unique potential.

Focusing on the root cause of results and then bringing that change to every area of peoples’ lives – including relationships, business, wealth creation and health – enhances life, achievement and goals. Everyone has a choice. A choice to live a life of freedom.

How I Can Help You Move Forward In Life

The way forward is to use science – a step-by-step success process to empower and move people into inspired and aligned action. By waking people up to the possibilities and leading them through one thought at a time – the personal development and growth journey develops.

Programmes By Evolve 


Just imagine…

Waking up knowing there’s more money in your bank account than you need and all bills are paid

Having both the time and freedom to do the things you actually WANT to do

Spending everyday doing something of REAL value

Creating thriving relationships that go well beyond the surface we’re so accustomed to

Living the life you’ve always wanted to LIVE

You don’t have to JUST IMAGINE - this doesn’t have to be a place only in your dreams

Through this program you’ll be enlightened to a new way of thinking and approaching life that will bring you all the wealth, health and happiness you’re willing to choose for yourself.

Now it’s your turn to bring positive changes to your own life, changes that will allow you to lead the field yourself.

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Whether you know exactly what you want to achieve or simply know that you want something more than what you currently have. Thinking Into Results will open your mind to all that you are capable of doing….then empower you to DO it Decide right now to astonish yourself with what you can become. Bob Proctor, who has developed this course has called this “The most powerful program you can ever lay your hands-on”. His teachings have been laid out with insight and focus.

This course will transform your dreams into reality. Your goals into achievements and your thinking into results

Decide right now to astonish yourself with what you can become. What you can do. What you can have.

Start Thinking into Results and start moving from where you are in life to where you really WANT to be.

The changes you’ll experience will last a lifetime.

To find out more book your Discovery call NOW.

Why am I here?

For some, it seems to be inbuilt since birth, but for the majority, it’s all down to luck or trial and error.

Your life purpose consists of the central motivating aims of your life - the reason you get up in the morning. Purpose can guide your life decisions, influence your behaviour, shape your goals, offer a sense of direction and create meaning

Here we explore how you can uncover what your Life Purpose truly is and how it can open the doors to you having more time, more money and more happiness.

The question to ask yourself is - “Do I feel happy and fulfilled with my life?” If it’s not a resounding YES then sign up and get started on an amazing journey.

Your purpose explains what you are doing with your life.


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